ZSpeed Stainless Braided Long Clutch Hose 350Z G35 Coupe

The ZSpeed Performance Long SS clutch hose replaces the big mess of hardlines in your drivers inner fender.

This reduces weight and also helps with bleeding as it is much easier to bleed with this line in place instead of the spaghetti mess of lines the factory used (see pics) 

Comes wtih 2 stainless clamps to attach to body in fender well.

This line replaces all the lines from the master cylinder to the line connection on the driver inside frame rail. Will connect to the OEM flexible rubber hose from the trans or any Stainless replacement hose already installed in place of the factory rubber clutch hose.

Add the ZSpeed short trans clutch hose and replace them all at the same time!

Hose comes with Black PVC coating (clear shown in pic)

For use with OEM style master cylinder only, Our HD Wilwood clutch master cylinder kit comes with this line pre-installed.



ZSpeed Stainless Braided Long Clutch Hose 350Z G35 Coupe
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  • Item #: ZSPNC310LNG
  • Manufacturer: Zspeed Performance
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