ZSpeed Performance 300zx Aluminum Fascia 99 Jspec Splash Shield

If you are ordering both front and rear shields order from the rear shield page and add the front shield to get a discount on shipping.

1990-1999 300zx Twin turbo and Non-Turbo The Z Speed Performance JSpec front Fascia splash shield replaces the factory plastic shield often missing from Z32s with the Jspec front fascia.

This will also fit other aftermarket front fascias such as Stillen, Greddy ect. Works with Jspec front fascias with or without Jspec I/C Ducts.

Replaces Plastic or missing shield between lower front fascia lip and radiator core support on bottom front of car.

Matte black powder coated finish.


Engine belly pan and US front shield shown on car, Jspec is similar to US front shield
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  • Item #: ZSP1003
  • Manufacturer: Zspeed Performance
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