ZSpeed 370Z 15+ Nismo CONVERSION Aluminum Engine Splash Shield

ZSpeed Performance Aluminum Engine Splash Shield Kit

This shield is ONLY for earlier model 2009-2014 cars that have converted to the 2015+ Nismo front Bumper.

Kit includes wellnuts to install in the lower core support and spacers so the shield fits correctly with the 15+ Nismo Front Bumper Conversion. 

This is not a 100% perfect OEM fitment but does work very well with this conversion.

These trays not only serve as a means of keeping road debris and grim out of the engine bay, but they also play a vital role in the aerodynamics and cooling of the car by keeping air flowing in the proper direction.

The same great design as our Version 1 shield but we added more clearance for deeper oil pans, oil pan spacers and larger aftermarket sway bars! 

Oil change access door for quick painless oil and filter service, The dealership will not have to take off the entire shroud and screw up all the bolts to change your oil, You DIY guys will waste much less time also, 2 bolts and the door comes off with plenty of access to remove filter and drain plug.

We also include a drain hole for the coolant drain

If your hardware holding the shield on is Corroded, rusted or just plain missing no worries! All new mounting hardware is included!


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ZSpeed 370Z 15+ Nismo CONVERSION Aluminum Engine Splash Shield
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  • Item #: ZSP2007NISMO
  • Manufacturer: Zspeed Performance
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