Threebond Black Silicone RTV Sealer
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3.5OZ/100G tube with nozzle

  • Has high viscosity and excellent protuberance, and works effectively for the joint surfaces that have a larger clearance.
  • Excellent engine-oil and LLC resistance.
  • Dries quickly and offers excellent pressure resistance immediately after applying and assembling.
  • Does not corrode copper and copperbased alloys.
  • Cures even if it is left at high temperature of 120°C in uncured state.
  • This is an excellent All Around RTV sealant for Oil Pans, Valve Covers, Gear Cases, Transmissions, Differentials, Exhaust, Water Pumps ect.   
  • Item #: 1207bsingle
  • Manufacturer: Threebond

Threebond Black Silicone RTV Sealer

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