SPC FUCA Front Upper Control Arms Nissan 350Z Inifiniti G35 Pair

SPC Performance's arm/shim kit is the only one the market to provide a substantial amount of positive camber change. It has more than enough camber and caster change to correct cars that have been lowered, or for vehicles used in drifting. These new arms allow for precise changes when fine tuning suspension alignment angles necessary when racing or drifting. The hub and caliper shims extend out the center of the wheel making it possible for our CNC fabricated arm to make up to 5 degrees total camber change and +/- 1 degree of caster change. Using a sliding and rotating ball joint, techs can fine tune both camber and caster to save tires and improve handling and tire to surface contact. The kit includes everything you need, including the ABS sensor bracket, shims, and arms for both sides of the vehicle.

These arms feature our SpecRide (tm) Jounce Spacers for a quieter, OEM style ride.

Front Adjustment range:
Camber -1.5 degree to +3.5 degree
Caster ±1.0 degree
Installation Time: 1.8 hr/side
Required: 1 kit per axle

Kit contains both L&R side arms.

Fits 03-08 350z

03-06 G35 Sedan

03-07 G35 Coupe

Part # SPC-72123



SPC FUCA Front Upper Control Arms Nissan 350Z Inifiniti G35 Pair
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  • Item #: 72123
  • Manufacturer: SPC
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Price $399.00

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