Powertrix Front Tension Rods 300ZX 240SX

NEW FOR 2014: Our complete line of Adjustable Control Arms and Sway Bar End Links feature Billet 4130 Chromoly slot loaded Kevlar/Teflon mold injected rod ends and 10.9 grade hardware. Butyl synthetic dust boots are also standard on all POWERTRIX adjustable control arms.

Powertrix tension rods are an excellent upgrade to the upgrade from the vague feeling and usually (due to age) cracked and leaking stock tension rod bushings. Gains include a much more positive and exact steering response and controlled handling while negotiating turns. Construction consists of heat tempered/forged steel bodies with racing quality Teflon ball joints protected by dust boots and lock washers to ensure settings remain consistent.

Adjustments to these arms can increase stability and/or correct wheelbase. Powertrix tension rods are the perfect upgrade/solution for replacing worn OEM components and gives added adjustment to correct slight flaws due to possible and unforeseen suspension damage from pot holes or an encounter with a curb.

Powertrix Front Tension Rods 300ZX 240SX
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  • Item #: PTENSION
  • Manufacturer: Powertrix
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