Powertrix 300zx Z32 Hicas Delete Bar Kit

Powertrix 300zx Z32 Hicas Delete Bar Kit
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  • Item #: PTHICAS
  • Manufacturer: Powertrix


Designed for the twin turbo model, the HICAS Eliminator Bar is constructed of billet precision machined 6061 aluminum and includes steering fluid recirculation hardware for the 90-93 TT models. HICAS (High Capacity Actively Controlled Suspension) is Nissan's rear wheel steering system. Unfortunately most performance enthusiasts/experienced drivers do not like this feature as it gives the 300zx rear handling a vague and loose feeling during aggressive maneuvering as the HICAS will turn the rear wheels. Eliminating this rear steering feature gives the 300zx a more predictable feel and yields conventional manual steering correction.

During installation, is it a good idea, to replace to OEM tie rods that attach to the HICAS eliminator bar. As a regular maintenance precaution and due to age, it is typical for the ball joints in the OEM tie rods to be worn/loose. 94+ models will require 90-93 OEM rear tie rods for proper fitment with the eliminator bar.

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