Nissan EFI Wiring Harness (95 TT MANUAL)

Nissan EFI Wiring Harness (95 TT MANUAL)
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  • Item #: 24011-51P61
  • Manufacturer: Nissan OEM

Due to the age of our cars and high heat conditions under the
hood, the original connectors on the engine wiring harness tend to break to
pieces and cause all sorts of issues including hesitation, running on less than
6 cylinders, and even stalling. We usually suggest taking the opportunity to
change this harness if the engine is out of the car on any Z32 with over 100,000

This EFI Harness, although built for the '95 Twin Turbo Model,
can also be used for any Twin Turbo model with upgraded (new style)
injectors (equipped with a Manual Transmission) by changing only a few of the
harness plugs. For the '94 model Twin Turbos with upgraded (new style) injectors
this is a plug and play harness. For '90 - '93 Twin Turbo Models with upgraded
(new style) injectors the connectors that need to be changed go to the AC
Compressor Clutch and Crank Angle Sensor.

The '95 Twin Turbo models are equipped with a Boost Pressure
Sensor that is not included on any of the earlier models. If you are using this
harness on an earlier model you will have one 3 pin connector near the Mass Air
Flow Meter that is not used

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