Inland Empire 300zx 1 Piece Steel Driveshaft

Design Features
  • The 1026 drawn tubing we use is stronger, straighter, and rounder than the cold rolled tubing common in original equipment.
  • Computer-assisted design programs are used to predict critical speeds that determine allowable shaft lengths.
  • All shafts are "Purpose Built" using the best blend of components to meet the demands of each application.
Assembly Features
  • Each shaft is built on patented equipment that insures a proper centerline of rotation based on the shaft's universal joints.
  • This proper centerline alignment allows shaft run-out tolerances to one half or less of those required by Original Equipment Manufacturers.
  • Inland Empire Driveline's low run-out tolerance provides for greater accuracy in shaft balancing resulting in smoother running throughout all RPM ranges.

    Our Complete replacement shaft uses thicker wall tubing for a stronger and more serviceable design capable of working with today's higher horsepower and torque engines.
Inland Empire 300zx 1 Piece Steel Driveshaft
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  • Item #: DS-85
  • Manufacturer: INLAND EMPIRE
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