AAM Competition 350Z Engine Oil Pan Spacer

  • Item #: AAM35M-OPS
  • Manufacturer: AAM Competition

Adds 1 quart capacity

  • Predrilled for lines/sensors
  • Billet construction
  • Made in the USA


The AAM Competition oil pan spacer for VQ35DE engine is a great upgrade to your engine.

The spacer is about one inch thick, machined from billet here in our US facility. The spacer adds a quart of capacity to your engine’s oil system, and when used with an external oil cooler, can keep your engine running cool on hot track days. The spacer is also drilled and tapped to allow you to easily add oil temperature sensors, external oil coolers, and turbocharger and supercharger oil return lines. No need to drill the factory oil pan.

The kit includes the spacer, oil pick up spacer, plugs for the external oil lines and all the hardware required for installation. The kit fits all 350Z’s with the VQ35DE

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