ZSP Stage 2+ Clutch + Flywheel + CMAK CSC Delete

ZSpeed Performance Premium

Stage 2+ HD "SFI Certified Clutch" Choice of Flywheel and "CMAK" Release Kit Package

High Strength Steel Backed Clutch linings

40% Increase in TQ capacity

Firm Pedal

Using this kit with an aftermarket single mass flywheel may create harmless gear noise at idle.

This kit includes

    • ZSP Stage 2+ SFI Certified Clutch Kit
    • ZSP Stage 2+ SFI Certified Pressure plate
    • ZSpeed Performance "CMAK" CSC Delete Kit (Deletes Internal Clutch Slave Cylinder)
    • OEM Nissan Pliot Bushing
    • Clutch Alignment Tool
    • Insulated Stainless Clutch Hose
    • Choice of ZSP Ductile Iron Flywheel, Forged Steel 17lb Flywheel, South Bend 19lb Billet Steel Flywheel
    • You may add Transmission and Clutch Hydraulic Fluid in options



ZSP Stage 2+  Clutch + Flywheel + CMAK CSC Delete
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  • Item #: ZSPSTG2SFI+Fly
  • Manufacturer: Zspeed Performance
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